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  • L7 Myeongdong Facilities MANCAVE

MANCAVE STYLE Jung-gu, Seoul

• Type : Lifestyle Select Shop

  • Details

    • Characteristic : Hawaiian beach themed men`s select shop

    Hike along the narrow trail of the back streets of busy Myeongdong, and you will see a white building with a low green roof and large windows. It is a small, confined space, where there is only room for truly fine items; you can find men`s favorite items such as Topo Design backpacks, Champion socks, and Braun wall-mounted openers. A cafe is onsite to serve coffee and tea.

    ※ Location - 13-7 Sogong-ro 6-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Business hours

    • 11:00AM~8:00PM
    - Holidays 12:00PM~6:00AM
    - Sunday 12:00PM~6:00AM
  • Inquiry

    TEL : +82-70-4101-4980

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