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  • Lotte Hotel Seoul Dining La Seine
  • Lotte Hotel Seoul Dining La Seine
  • Lotte Hotel Seoul Dining La Seine
  • Lotte Hotel Seoul Dining La Seine
  • Lotte Hotel Seoul Dining La Seine
  • Lotte Hotel Seoul Dining La Seine

La Seine Buffet Main Tower 1F

• A Stylish Upscale Buffet Restaurant
• The chefs prepare some 200 different dishes in the studio-type open kitchen. The restaurant is divided into eight live stations – Asian cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Western cuisine, noodle bar, cold meal, Korean grill, dessert, and drinks.

• Entertaining Performance by Foreign Chefs
The chefs take carts to the tables to serve the most special and fresh dish of the day to the guests personally. Veteran chefs from various Asian countries will present exotic and entertaining performances for the guests. In addition, a time service event will be held daily to offer limited dishes prepared with premium ingredients, such as steak and sashimi.

• An Artistic Dining Space in the Theme of “Nature and Change”
Silverfox Studios, a design firm that has worked on major hotel projects all over the world, has turned La Seine into an artistic dining space in the theme of “Nature and Change” using sculptures and special finishing materials like LED lights, trees, stones, and marble. In particular, the color-changing LED lights are used to express the changing seasons. The dramatic effect of colorful nature will feel like you will meet “Alice in Wonderland.”

※ Discount promotion for customers who make online reservations with Lotte Hotels (excluding the month of December)
- Weekday Lunch : 20% discount
- Weekday dinner and weekends : 10% discount (except Sunday Evening Dinner Part 2)
- Sunday Evening Dinner Part 2 : 20% discount
※ Discount applies only to customers who reserve in advance online. Make a Reservation

  • Details

    • Monday ~ Friday
    - Breakfast: Adult ₩59,300 / Children ₩33,900
    - Lunch: Adult ₩95,000 / Children ₩59,000
    ※Aug. 1th ~ 17th: Adult \108,000 (Special Event)
    - Dinner: Adult ₩113,000 / Children ₩62,000

    • Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
    - Breakfast: Adult ₩59,300 / Children ₩33,900
    - Lunch 1st Hour: Adult ₩113,000 / Children ₩62,000
    - Lunch 2nd Hour: Adult ₩113,000 / Children ₩62,000
    - Dinner 1st Hour: Adult ₩113,000 / Children ₩62,000
    - Dinner 2st Hour: Adult ₩113,000 / Children ₩62,000

    • 10% Service charge and 10% VAT will not be added to the above price.

    • Children are from ages 4 to 12 (6th grade).

    ※ Prior reservation required
  • Business hours

    ■ Weekday (Mon to Fri)
    Breakfast 06:00~10:00
    Lunch 11:30~14:30
    Dinner 18:00~22:00

    ■ Weekends (Sat/Sun/Holidays)
    Breakfast 06:00~10:00
    Lunch 1st 11:30~13:30
    Lunch 2nd 14:00~16:00
    Dinner 1st 17:30~19:30
    Dinner 2nd 20:00~22:00
  • Inquiry

    Tel: +82-2-317-7171/7172
    Fax: +82-2-319-9996

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