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  • Lotte Hotel Ulsan Facilities Gymnasium

Gymnasium Fitness 4F

Keep fit during your trip
Your “Personal Trainer” coaches you according to your own schedule, based on your own physical fitness checkup like a physical examination and an exercise load examination. A comprehensive, scientific, medical sports lab analysis will help determine the best program for you.

  • Details

    ※ Available only for members and hotel guests

    - Fee for hotel guests: ₩15,000 (V.A.T included)
    - Fee for visitors: ₩30,000 (V.A.T included) (You can also use gym, sauna, swimming pool, and all other facilities.)

    ● Member Special Offers ●
    - Complimentary health examination when applying for membership
    - Complimentary use of gym, swimming pool, sauna
    - Complimentary parking (4hours/day)
    - A number of fitness programs available for socializing among members
    - Discount : 50% discount for golf range
    - Discount for hotel use : 20% for rooms, 10% for restaurants (except banquets), 30% for laundry, 10% for beauty salon, and 5% for food & beverage at family weddings and banquets
    - Discount offers at Lotte Hotel Seoul, World, Busan, and Jeju: 20% for rooms, and 10% for restaurants (except banquets)
    - Complimentary Fitness Club admittance as a member at Lotte Hotel Seoul, Busan, and Jeju (up to 30 times per year)
  • Business hours

    -Sunday/Holiday 07:00~18:00
    ※ Closed on the fourth Sunday of each month
  • Inquiry

    Tel: +82-52-960-4025

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