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While using the Lotte Hotel Mobile Apps / Web, leave the inconvenience and suggest points. We will return with a better service.
Regarding your staying, please use the 'Customer Center' menu. ‘Technical Support’ does not respond to inquiries about reservations and staying.

Write your proposal for our improvement

Proposal contents

Browser information - OTHER
OS information - OTHER

I agree with the terms.

Agreement to collection or use of personal information

I hereby confirm that my personal information below are accurate, and consent to Lotte Hotels & Resorts to collect and use as follows regarding to technical support.

1. Collecting items

  Required items: Name, E-mail

2. Purpose of Usage and Collection

  Personal information are collected to provide information and service.

3. Retention period of personal information

  Personal information is retained from the date of consent until two (2) years.

4. Right to refuse consent and CONSEQUENCES OF REFUSING CONSENT

  Refusing to consent to the collection is allowed, but there would be limitation of services.